Two Storey Tiny House Cabin Plan (No Loft)

free downloadable floor plan with dimensions of tiny house two level cabin type room without loft, floor plan for free download, design by architect

Model Credits: Lipadier

For a tiny house, this model has considerable and comfortable dimensions with approximately 146 P2 on the ground floor, the tiny house is planned on sloping terrain, and therefore the volume of the tiny house adapts perfectly to the geometry of the terrain.

Replicating the interior with some sloping spaces is especially important because it produces a separation of the spaces by unevenness of floors, making the location of private areas higher.

On the first floor, there is a small storage room right next to the covered parking, the staircase leading to the main entrance which is protected by a small staircase that leads to the main entrance.

It also highlights the use of stainless steel railings in interior and exterior, this material is not an element that is seen much in tiny houses, but it is an element of easy cleaning, very durable, and provides brightness and contrast with the wood, which gives a touch of elegance and modernity to the interior.

The L-shaped kitchen is the most representative space of this tiny house, followed by the room on the highest level.

This kitchen has slightly larger dimensions than the traditional tiny house, its upper and lower cabinets are of hinged projection, and the sink has a 10 “x12” sink well with a drainer on the left side, it also has a large pantry area.

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