Tiny House Design With Minimalist Exterior

tiny minimalist two-story house with loft-style room on upper level architectural floor plan with dimensions plans available in pdf format

I really like the contrast created in this tiny house, its white and sober exterior and then its interior with medium wood tones creates a not so subtle but very interesting change.

The flow of circulation is also appreciable, although the main entrance is direct to the kitchen space, it could also be easily reversed and place the main entrance on the right side, although in this way, it would not have so much hierarchy.

The kitchen cabinets are designed in projected wood modules, and some doors, such as the one under the sink area, are hinged.

The backsplash could be of different materials, granite gives an interesting rustic look, but if you want to keep the modern vibe of the tiny house exterior, the kitchen backsplash could also be in white silestone.

Initially, at the foot of the stairs, the design of this tiny house did not have this fixed window panel, I included it as an element of integration, in addition to providing interesting lighting to the interior and making the space at the top of the stairs look not so narrow.

Sometimes, on the stairs of a tiny house, if you don’t have an element of lighting or relief of the space, it could feel very closed and uncomfortable.


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