About Me

Hello, my name is Elvis Alcequiez and I am a relatively young architect with over a decade of experience in designing and building homes.

Since I was a child, I was always attracted by compact spaces, I created with my cousin a small cardboard house in the courtyard of the house that we used to play, I remember the feeling of comfort I felt.

As a professional, I have always found it more difficult to design spaces where there is plenty of space, designing compact and functional living spaces seems much more productive and efficient to me.

Personally, my lifestyle is minimalist, my car is compact and I love it, I always lived in houses of moderate dimensions and I always felt comfortable, I try to lead a life that is materially uncomplicated.

I am a reserved person, sometimes I like to spend time alone or in small company, somewhere away from everything else.

Apart from being a designer, I am a CGI artist, I enjoy making 3D illustrations of my designs, I decided to create this website in order to share my knowledge and because I also enjoy creating content

If you need to contact me you can write to me at the contact page, I check my mail every day.